Communicycle – Forth Valley C.I.C. – Recycling with benefits is a social enterprise for the benefit of the local and wider reaching community, initially covering the Forth Valley area of Scotland to include Alloa, Falkirk and Stirling.

We can all agree that our cities, towns and villages are (pardon the pun) littered with waste and 95% of this waste is recyclable – cans, tins, bottles, paper, cardboard and more.

Communicycle – Forth Valley C.I.C. aims to combat this social problem by cleaning and tidying our local communities and then recycling the waste products.

Any payments we receive from the recycling of these items will benefit the community in which the recycling was carried out.

This will improve our neighbourhoods by cleaning them up, in turn, this will make our neighbourhoods safer for our children by removing potentially hazardous waste from our streets and massively impact the wildlife and livestock in the areas in which we live.

As well as cleaning up our streets, country lanes, hedgerows etc we are also looking at advocating reuse, instead of people throwing away items, we want them to look at the benefits of donating these items so that others may use them, this could be toys, furniture, ornaments, books, DVDs etc

This will also benefit the local community in the form of small grants that can be used for many different purposes.

As well as cleaning our neighbourhoods, we would also ask the local community to donate any recyclable materials that they have so that we can use these towards the much-needed community pot.

Communicycle – Forth Valley C.I.C. – Recycling with Benefits